Wine Bottle Balancer


These CNC Oak Wine Balancers are made by a gentleman named Mike Porzondek. Mike run’s a wood carving company called beauty of this Kickstarter campaign comes in it’s simplicity. These wine balancers are a single piece of oak wood carved into various shapes that, when a wine bottle is properly placed, balance in a way that make it look as though it is defying physics.


The wine balancers are CNC machine designed out of a single piece of Oak wood. They are solidly built and the high quality is apparent right out of the box. These wine balancers will last forever as long as you take relatively good care of them, keep them indoors and, while they don’t chip easily, storing them with other heavy sharp objects would not be advised (I would imagine using them as target practice might prove to be a bad idea).


The phrase that kept coming up as I showed off my wine balancer was “conversation piece”. The fine red oak wood is elegant enough that it fits nicely in your dining room although it could easily work just as well as a bar piece. Someone suggested to me that a piece should be installed that would allow the stand to remain upright even without a wine bottle. Personally I couldn’t disagree more, the balance is the fun part, if the stand didn’t fall while bottle-less it would lose a bit of it’s magic.


The wine balancer is available as a wine bottle shape, lighthouse, fish, and a guitar at the lowest pledge level of receiving a balancer. The next level unlocks a plain rectangle which a simplistic but elegant looking piece while the level after that opens up the option for your favorite U.S. state.

The highest pledge will get you a 7″x28″ AR-15 machine gun wine balancer. The AR-15 is quite a bit bigger than the other wine balancers and would make a truly awesome addition to any man-cave or sports bar.

Where Can You Get One?

The Machined Wine Bottle Balancer is available  on Kickstarter until the end of August. With a pledge goal of only $1000 The Wine Bottle Balancer should have no problem meeting it’s goal if it get’s the proper exposure. Follow the link below to pledge now and help spread the word by sharing it with your friends and family.

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