The Orb is a solid two-piece aluminum construction. Precision machined with a +- .0005 inch allignment keeps The Orb really tight when screwed closed. It is hard to see the division line at a glance, this is a good thing giving an illusion of a solid sphere when closed. The Orb is type II anodized to protect from corosion which will keep it from rusting or deteriorating in the years to come.


The Orb is a small sphere that is only capable of holding small objects such as rings, coins, or maybe a little bit of emergency cash. The Orb makers make a joke that it can also hold your bitcoins. In this sense it is a very limited form of storage. I don’t wear any rings or own any special coins I would choose to store in the orb so I found very few uses for it. If you choose to store something valuable such as a ring, you will still need to store The Orb somewhere safe as it is a sphere and won’t work as a display for your objects because it will roll around. The Orb does provide protection for valuables as it is hard aluminum but not much more than a classic ring box.

 Where Can You Get One?

The Orb was successfully funded on October 1st 2014 reaching over 5x it’s funding goal. The Orb is now available on Etsy. Click the button below to order yours today.

The Orb On Etsy

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