The Ice Chest by Wintersmiths is an ice mold which allows you to create four 60mm ice spheres (or cubes with an additional mold). Ice spheres provide the lowest surface area of all shapes which leads to slower melting and less drink delusion. Great for alcoholic drinks for those who don’t want their drink watered down. The Ice Chest claims that it’s design provides a clearer ice sphere and thus melts even slower. But does it?

How Does It Work?

With The Ice Chest, you fill up the casing with water first, then you lower the mold into the casing so the water rises into the mold from the bottom. This helps to eliminate bubbles resulting in clearer ice than cheaper options that simply fill up from pouring water into them.

While The Ice Chest delivers clearer balls than cheaper molds, in order to get crystal clear balls it is still necessary to use distilled water.


While the casing allows a unique process that eliminates bubbles, it stands at nearly 7″ tall, 5″ wide and 13″ long taking up a lot of space in the freezer. This makes it a similar width and length to standard ice cube trays but it needs to be stood straight up so depending on your freezer set up, it may be difficult to find space.


While you are supposed to remove The Ice Chest from the freezer after approximately 48 hours after you put it in, I often leave it in there for weeks at a time. This makes the it a little trickier to remove the mold, but it is made of very solid silicone rubber and I’ve seen no sign of damage to the mold or casing except for some aesthetic stains.

Where Can You Get One?

The Ice Chest was fully funded on Kickstarter on September 7, 2014. You can order them now from the Wintersmiths website.

How Does It Work
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