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The Ridge Wallet is one of the many minimalist wallets on Kickstarter and it is a true minimalist wallet. Designed by a father/son team with the goal of making a modern wallet that cuts down on bulk and clutter, the Ridge succeeds where others have failed, and excels in the competitive market of Kickstarted minimalist wallets.When I went looking for a new wallet to replace my traditional bi-fold, I wanted something that was even smaller but still held everything I needed. I needed something that was cooler than the wallet I had been sporting for the last 10 years, the classic wallet made famous by Pulp Fiction, but also something that stood out from the plain leather wallets that every “grown up” carries around.

The Ridge is made of two machined plates with a single elastic that runs along the interior and provides the force that holds the cards in place. The plates come in aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber. 7 small hex screws hold it all together with two options of money clips as well as a no money clip version.

Visually Stunning

The Ridge comes in a variety of styles and colors. From Gunmetal Titanium, to Pink Aluminum, to a sleek Carbon Fiber, there is certainly a style to fit your preferences and personality. I opted for the Carbon Fiber option and was not disappointed. This wallet is as stunning in person as it appears in the pictures, I have not shown it to anyone who was not impressed and intrigued.

Build Quality

My main concern when ordering my wallet was the small screws coming loose and band keeping it’s elasticity. I keep my wallet in the same pocket as my car keys so it takes a reasonable amount of abuse. If the screws were to come loose I would most certainly lose them as they are very small and, while Ridge offers a replacement screw set for $9.00, I was too stubborn to order it with my wallet. If the elastic band were to weaken over time it would mean my credit card, bank card, and other valuable cards would be at risk of falling out and not only getting lost but would also make me vulnerable to fraudulent charges to my accounts.

I have been using The Ridge everyday for nearly 6 months and have had precisely zero problems. Not only have I not experienced any loose screws or deterioration of my elastic, but my wallet is surprisingly scratch free. My money clip also has not been damaged or compromised at all and still holds cash as well as it did one day one. UPDATE: Just over a year into owning my Ridge Wallet, a few screws did fall out. It didn’t actually affect the tightness of the wallet though. The design of the current rendition of the wallet has different screws that have less issues of loosening since they are flush to the surface.

 How Practical Is It?

You’re almost always going to need to sacrifice when choosing to switch to a minimalist wallet. I have stuffed up to 10 cards into my wallet but prefer to keep it down to 5-6.

I chose to purchase the spring loaded money clip so I have a spot for my cash and it works like a charm. The finger hole at the bottom allows you to easily pop up the cards providing quick access to your two most important cards and if you raise all the cards and pinch the bottom of the wallet, it will spread your cards giving you easy access to the middle cards as well. As someone with very large hands (and therefore fingers), the spread method isn’t quite as quick as it appears in the video but it does work.

This wallet also provides RFID protection in case your paranoid of people stealing your bank information off of those new tap-to-pay cards. The extra protection does provide a nice piece of mind.

 Where can You Get One?

The Ridge Kickstarter has ended and was a huge success. You can now purchase the wallet online at www.ridgewallet.com.

Build Quality
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