October 16, 2021

4 Reasons To Review Your Project

1: High Google Ranking

With a decade in Search Engine Optimization, my background has allowed me to structure this website to rank high for “[Your-Project] Review” and “[Your-Project] Kickstarter Review”. Over 70% of our traffic comes from organic Google results!

2: Score A Badge

Sport the Kickstarter Reviews badge on your project media pages to show off your review and build trust with potential backers.

3: Get A Link and Referral

All of our reviews link to the project and/or website where users can purchase/pledge. This not only provides a high authority link, which will help with your SEO, but will allow users to click directly to the project.

4: It’s Free!

To have your project reviewed is completely free. Just send us a review copy and receive the review within 48 hours of us receiving the project.

Getting a project reviewed is simple. Send us a few details below and we will contact you with where to send us your project. We will review your project within 24-48 hours upon receiving it.