The Midnight Scoop by Michael Chou is a heavy duty ice cream scooper designed to take the load off of your wrist when scooping hard ice cream thanks to it’s ergonomic handle that allows you to push the scooper rather than prying the ice cream.


I am always surprised at how easily ice cream scoops break. I buy a new ice cream scoop about once a year usually because of the plastic handle snapping or cheap screws falling out and getting lost.

With that said, The Midnight Scoop will most likley last you through the apocalypse (although I am yet to test this theory). Made from solid aluminum, The Midnight Scoop has no plastic, and no small parts to break off even in the most extreme of circumstances. The campaign video even includes a clip of a truck running over The Midnight Scoop.


The inital run of Midnight Scoops comes in Natural, Ebony (black), Graphite, and Moonstone (white). I recieved the natual aluminum color and it is a very nice ice cream scoop. The fat handle allows the ergonomically friendly ability to push the scoop rather than scrap which relieves pressure off of the wrist and makes scooping hard ice cream easier. As someone who eats ice cream a few times a month, pressure on my wrist from scooping ice cream isn’t something I’ve ever had to worry about. Someone who owns an ice cream shop would indeed have issues with their wrist after full days of scooping ice cream and certainly would want to be more safe than sorry over the years as the wrists are a delicate joint prone to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

Where Can You Get One?

The Midnight Scoop is available on Kickstarter until October 2nd. After the funding date has finished, you can visit

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