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The iceScreen is a windsheild cover that prevents your car windsheild from icing up over night or any extended period of time. The iceScreen will save you time and evergy in those tough icy mornings that every cold-weather resident is familiar with. As an additional feature it also doubles as a sun screen when it’s flipped over to help keep your car cool in the summer.Receiving the iceScreen at the end of October, I was worried that I would not get to test it properly for a review. Fortunately (or unfortunatly depending on who you ask), here in Southern Ontario we recieved our first few inches of snow on October 28th. As a result, I was able to test the iceScreen to it’s fullest ability.


I’ve never been a fan of those big foldable screens that you place inside your car to keep the sun out in the summer time. They were big, clunky, and made your car look sloppy. The iceScreen fits tightly to your windsheild, comes in 4 different colors, and is much sleaker looking than the classic sun screens.

The iceScreen fits the windsheild nicely and as a result, looks like it was custom made for your car. Different cars will require different sizes and the iceScreen comes in a variety of sizes. Make sure to get the right size for your vehicle.


The most important question for the iceScreen is, is it faster and/or easier than scraping the ice off of your car every morning. The answer is yes, it is. While I am yet to test the iceScreen in the harshest of winter conditions (those will be here soon) I have had a couple nights of snowfall and in the morning my car winsheild was clear while the other 3 cars in my household had a light frost covering them.

The iceScreen won’t completely rid you of ice scraping of course. You will likely still need to scrape the side and rear windows for optimal safe driving.

The iceScreen also doubles as a sun refelctor on the reverse side so it can be used in the summer time to keep your vehicle cool. The best part about this feature is not only the 2-for-1 use but that the sun refelctor shares the tight, sleak look as the iceScreen. A much improved aesthetic than the classic, bulky alternatives mentioned the the style section.

The iceScreen has a built in storage pouch. Much like trying to fit a new tent into the tight boxes that they come in, it’s never quite the same as when you first unpack it. With that said, the pouch will help compact the iseScreen into a smaller space when not in use. I find myself simply rolling up the iceScreen and throwing it in the trunk to keep packing it and unpacking it as fast as possible.

Maybe the best part of the iceScreen however is not simply the time and energy it saves, but just how clean it keeps your windsheild. Most people cut corners when scraping their windshields leaving ice or frost around the perimeter. The iceScreen will leave a completely clear windsheild.

Where Can You Get One?

The iceScreen is available on Kickstarter until November 9 2014. Follow the link below to visit the page.

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