October 16, 2018
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These CNC Oak Wine Balancers are made by a gentleman named Mike Porzondek. Mike run’s a wood carving company called MikesCustomSigns.com.The beauty of this Kickstarter campaign comes in it’s simplicity. These wine balancers are a single piece of oak wood carved into various shapes that, when a wine bottle is properly placed, balance in a way that make it...

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The Internet’s Own Boy

A life cut tragically short by the pressure of being made example of. The Internet’s Own Boy is a documentary about young internet activist, Aaron Swartz. Swartz was an early internet genius...

The Orb

Quality The Orb is a solid two-piece aluminum construction. Precision machined with a +- .0005 inch allignment keeps The Orb really tight when screwed closed. It is hard to see the division...

The iceScreen

The iceScreen is a windsheild cover that prevents your car windsheild from icing up over night or any extended period of time. The iceScreen will save you time and evergy in...

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